Wednesday, April 25, 2007


By Pacharo Felix Munthali
In the out of order stream
I thirst for polemics of cream
No more death scream
Onl headway seam
How I desired the House worked as a team

May be if I can try?
Joza chief whip of the ruling
Ntchona laeder of the opposition
Zabweka, Zayakunkhongo,Chekaboyt
And Pewani completing the government side
Taxina, Fingo, Dobadoba
Blowing the opposion whistle
A zephyr breath of wind unruffling
Echoes of development reverberating
That would be my dream

Town and Country Rats as watchdogs
Crazy world the media platform
Zeze, Sauzika and Katakwe
Being shadows of the community
Zebedee enveloped as Chief Justice
That’s if I can dream.

By Pacharo Felix Munthali
Chancellor College
Khondowe 4
P.O. Box 280

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