Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Reading in the daily papers of Monday and Tuesday, one is left with one conclusion, “dictatorship is the only common principle that is practiced and shared in our political parties”. Malawi is flooded by undemocratic authoritarian dictatorial political parties. The leaders don’t see the importance of consulting the local people on issues that directly affect the locals.

Our political cohorts don’t have the capacity and time to consult local people; this is why they impose persons to represent us. Bingu wa Mutharika, the DPP Presidential candidate 2009 general elections, has just imposed a governor on Kasungu people and Bakili Muluzi, UDF presidential candidate for the same elections, has also imposed a shadow MP, Philip Bwanali, on the people of Thyolo for 2009 elections. Further more, it is alleged that AFORD imposed Loveness Gondwe as President for the party on its supporters.

Apart from being undemocratic, such conducts cause political tension and witch hunting. This is evident on the current wrangle in AFORD and the abandonment of Bingu from UDF and Bakili, a ‘party’ and an individual that suppoted and campaigned him into power aas we are left to beilieve. Imposition also makes the electorate see themselves inferior and unimportant on issues that affect them. The same, also floods to development, as people don’t see the importance of participating. They have a syndrome that make them depend on the outsider.

This conduct of imposing people has been criticized highly, but these politicians don’t seem to learn. This is why I don’t see any importance of doing criticizing their undemocratic way of imposing representatives on people, but I will rather leave it to the politicians themselves to learn for themselves when their actions backfire in the 2009 election outcome as it did in 2004. I also reserve my opinion since the more we seem to condemn dictatorial acts by our political leaders, is the more they resolve to doing the same dictatorial principles.

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