Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The sour side of love By Patricia Nkhoma

Since the time i became an adolescent, I had been mistakenly thinking that to fall in love is synonymous to total happiness in life. This misconception had been in my mind-set until the time I got this girl of mine, whom I shall not disclose her name , i mean my ex-girl. This queen of mine drove me crazy. She had everything a so-called beautiful girl or Miss universe has. She was slim with her natural round hips, light in complexion, and medium in height. The dimples on her cheeks actually punctuated her beauty that I could shower my glances on her even if she belonged to me. I could boast of her wherever I could go. The girl really proved that she was my miss right. Being a peri, she could be coming here on campus just for the sake of me and to reciprocate, I had to go home during some weekends only to see this star of mine. However, It was this other weekend Which made me conclude that true love never exists, and that had never existed before since the inception of man on earth., its only theories of love which blindfold us human beings. One day as usual I went to visit my so-called girlfriend. I did not inform her in advance because I wanted my visit to be a surprise.. I went straight to her home. As I was approaching the house, just some eleven metres away, I could hear people singing in unison certain songs like those mostly sang on weddings. My heart was longing to appreciate this beautiful creation of God ( My girl) that I had to move afast. When I just reached the house ,the sight was incredible. I almost collapsed. It was my girlfriend having an engagement with another man. It was a harsh reality. I tell you My heart pounded heavily, and even thumped violently as I turned back and went straight home . “ But why me Lord, I m..e..a..n why L..o…r..d” I mumbled to myself on my way back home. Tears flooded my cheeks as I remembered all the special and precious moments I spent with this girl. Indeed my sturdy love had proved futile. From then I kept wondering if really true love exists.. On my way back, I met a friend of mine .I plucked my courage and recounted my misfortune to him. He gave me courage that it was part of the realities of life. Indeed love is full of ups and downs I nodded my head in agreement. Indeed this was my bitter experience to swallow and since then I has been asking myself questions if real love indeed exists.

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