Friday, June 8, 2007

First Lady, Madame Ethel Mutharika, Not Loved

There is an adage that goes pamaliro pamakhala nkhani, meaning lots of stories about the person, his/her death comes out at his/her funeral. I take this adage to outline something that amiss in the First Lady’s funeral. In black and white, in this article I argue that the first Lady, the Late Madame Ethel Mutharika, was not loved by his husband. I am at pain to say this but this is the only way to bring sanity and order to our culture so that we don’t anger our ancestors.

Firstly, it started as a allegations in 2006 that the First Lady was not feeling well and that was flown to South Africa and France for treatments. This was labeled as a rumor and was paraded away by the state house.

Secondly, the same thing was repeated this year. It was written and announced in various media that the first lady was not finding okay and had been flown to South Africa for treatment. As usual, Chikumbutso Mtuumodzi, the State house press officer, parried the allegations as rumors genesised by people who don’t want the president to achieve in his war against corruption. The Former president, Dr. Bakili Muluzi was reportedly to be the engineer agitating the allegations. Some unlucky journalist was arrested for reportedly breaking the privacy of people belonging in the public arena when he tried tyo report that Bingu was in South Africa to attend to His Wife’s illness. Now Malawi has lost her mother. The country is in deep grief, as a tragedy has fallen over its people.

Illogically, the death has now become public when the sickness was private. In Malawian culture, leaders are people who belong to the public arena, and their healthy status is a public concern. But to arrest people only to allow them at a later time is absurd.

Above that, when she was ill in the house at State House, the president went ahead to conduct rallies, leaving our mother alone in the house. This was the time when she needed the love of our father, the State President than anybody else. She was desperately in need of assurance of her recovery by the president than anything else. Yet, the president was busy in political rallies castigating his opponents. This shouldn’t be condoned by any leader, even aspirants to be leaders, because it is against African culture in general, and Malawian in particular. Who would deny the fact that she died because she did not receive any support from the husband?

Now we are shown the picture to believe that the first Lady, the Mother of Malawi Nation was highly loved. I berg to differ. It can be deduced from this that our mother, Madame Ethel Mutharika was not loved. When will we learn to love a person when he/she is still alive?

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