Friday, June 8, 2007


Let me first congratulate FAM for bring in Senegal for a friendly match with our boys here. Its not an easy task to bring a team which is recognized in the world over for its standard of football to play against a team which does not give any headache to teams even within southern Africa. Presently, the Flames is known for its dim-witted losses and give away of games. We are not consistent in as far as keeping winning records are concerned. For this reason, for a team like Senegal to allow to play us in a friendly we should highly recommend the flames and the government for giving out funds for such games.

However, one thing must not be taken for granted as some Senegal delegates have said. Malawi can upset Morocco. For Malawi to achieve this, I have one or two lessons to give to our coach, Stephen Constantine.

Firstly, the Flames must be aware of the reasons why Senegal has allowed to play us, the underdog (even though people, even Morocco has asserted that they don’t underrate us because anything is possible, the fact remains the same: we are underdogs. This is why the word underrate comes in!). Senegal knows for sure that Mozambique plays good football and the possibility to upset these Lions is high. The Mambas does not just loose anyhow at home, unlike Malawi. However, Malawi and Mozambique are in the same region and are neighbors for that matter. This means that we have many similar things, including the style of football is the same even if we are more underdogs compared to the Mambas. But they will learn the tactics from us that Mozambique can likely use in the field. The Lions will not have any bigger problems thereafter to upset our dear brothers, the Mambas.

As the Flames, we can use the same tactics. Senegal is from the Northern part of Equator, where football is a bit superb that us in the southern part. This follows that Senegal’s style and Morocco’s are almost similar as Malawi is to the mambas. Let us use the pace, dribbling, controlling and passing, and also counter attacking that Senegal will use on Sunday to upset Morocco. Constantine should use Senegal’s friendly, more seriously. Chibakera chamwana chimawawa

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