Saturday, October 27, 2007

Malawi National Examination Board Must Cancel Form 4 Exams At One for All

The allegations that Form 4 exams are undergoing high leakage can not go uncommented. If the reports and witnesses paraded and carried in the national papers are anything to go by, it is high time that the government cancels the exams one and for all.

Latest reports in yesterday papers clearly remove all the doubts that the exams were indeed leaked. However, what MANEB officials are stating would not be wrong to assume that some high officials are involved in the leaking of the exams. They are too much deffensive yet The Daily Times indicate they have a bunch of witnesses which i beklieve they can parade in the court of law for the national good. Exams under such leakage will eventually lower the standards of education because only those who have the money to buy the papers on black markets will stand to benefit. This will result into students not working hard as they will be assured that their parents will eventually buy the papers for them to memorize during exams.

The general public also needs to be warned about such exams malpractice. When the papers turn to be fake, their children will fail because they will have memorized the bought papers and not prepared for anything else. Furthermore, when exams are not leaked, their sons and daughters will also loose out.

All in all, in the current developments, the poor student stands to loose in many cases. He would have worked hard, burning paraffin driven-lamps but will not be able to pass above the student who had the paper at his/her disposal. Furthermore, the poor student will be psychologically affected as he /she will think she will fail the exams because others have managed to buy the paper. As a result, the intelligent will not pass with impressive grades. Those who pass with impressive grades will do so because their parents managed to buy the papers. No wonder, there are many cases of MSCE students passing with 6 points or grades below 10 points most of which come from the well to do families. What will be the impression? Their parents bought them the examination papers.

This leakage should also be a stand up call for the ACB to tighten its teeth to this palastatals and see how the leakage is done order to avoid future cases. All the culprits need to be brought to book. This also signals that University entrance exams need not to be removed as some policy makers have argued because only the cream from MSCE will be sieved through to the university.


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