Sunday, November 4, 2007


Mother Malawi,
To you I am still a kid, but I am old to know
There is no place like home
where I dont feel alone,

I remember playing on the flow, the days you tought me to walk,
Tolerance, and to love, with devotion, straight to the core
those are the memories I cherish like the dawn.

Now all that warm heart is long gone,
people have turned into lords of political wars,
where it is a crime to give each other a chance,
a chance to be heard and loved,
Wish I knew.... just what the tumoil is all about,
except for their personal gains,
this is exactly what I am not told.

What is left of us is the skin, which we are identified with,
Malawian;s dignity is long lost,
a cry for forgiveness to my mother called Malawi

Your son.

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