Monday, April 30, 2012

DPP Coup Plans Revealed

The mist surrounding the precise date that Bingu wa Mutharika died has been revealed by the country’s state president.

Her Excellency, Madam Joyce Banda, told an international media house based in the UK that Bingu had died by midday on 5th of April but the day was concealed as part of coup plans by the country’s Chief Justice, the cabinet and some members of parliament.

Earlier media reports quoted a medical doctor who attended to the late Mutharika at Kamuzu Central Hosipital that the late president was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. However, this was vehemently protested by the Midnight 6 led by Patricia Kaliati in an effort to “rape” the constitution.

Their misplaced plans was to see the Democratic Progressive Party 2014 presidential hopeful, Peter Mutharika, the younger brother to the late Bingu to take over. Ironically, peter Mutharika was forced on DPP ticket by the late president.

Initially the white cross which was placed on Mutharika’s casket indicated that Mutharika had died on 7th April before being changed to 6th April.

Joyce Banda recalled to the Guardian Newspaper regarding what transpired.

“Ministers held a press conference in the middle of the night [on 6th April] on state television telling the nation that I had no authority to act as president. They were making arrangements to take over [government].

Banda reveals to the paper that the cabinet told the nation that “the president was OK and recovering. And all the while he was dead the previous day at 12 o'clock”.

She also told the paper that she sought help from the current Army Commander, General Henry Odillo, who stationed troops around her house after learning that all the cabinet, the Chief Justice and some judges and members of parliament were sitting at Peter Mutharika's house waiting for the court order to swear him as the country’s president.

According to Banda, the young Mutharika was abandoned after reports reached them that the country’s military was supporting her.

Ironically, after the Midnight-6, all those who sided with Mutharika started flocking with pleas to support Banda who they had attempted to brock.

It is not yet known whether the country’s new Attorney General, Ralph Kasambala, would drag those associated with the alleged “constitutional coup” to face treason charges as being advocated by the Malawi Law Society.

Ironically, some of the cabinet ministers who plotted the alleged coup are now part of her cabinet which she chose before leaving for South Africa.

Banda also revealed that the Chief Justice protested vehemently and had initially refused to swear her. But when he was pressed by the Army, he alleged that he had left his official robes and wigs.

Kaliati goes into hiding after Coup Plan Fails

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