Friday, May 25, 2012

Two Government Officials Stuck while Having Sex in Malawi

A top government official in Malawi and an office cleaner have just had their 40th day of cheating in Malawi’s Capital City. 

An Accountant with the Ministry of Gender, Mr. Gondwe, and a cleaner of the same ministry, Mary Chisale had their sex organs glued to each while having sex in Gondwe's office housed in Gemine House in Lilongwe’s city centre.

After hours of failed attempts to separate each other, the cheating government officials wailed for help with their sex organs still glued. A guard at the premise came to their rescue but to no avail which prompted them to dial an emergency number for medics.

Hundreds of onlookers surrounded Gemine House to have a glimpse of the culprits before the arrival of the medics. This prompted intervention of the Malawi Police.

This is the second case within a period of two weeks that married Government officials have been caught having sex.  Early this month, a top official with the Immigration department was caught romping with a photographer inside a toilet in the Commercial City of Blantyre.

However, this is the first time that that people have been glued to each other. The case, modelled on a scenario in Kenyan, occurred when Gondwe was about to catch a plane enroute to the UK for a conference.

His wife was summoned at Gemine House as she is alleged to be the architect. Other commentators are using the Lilongwe sexgate to question the people who argue against legalisation homosexuality by saying that Malawi is a God fearing nation.

Mzondi Lungu, writing on his Facebook account, argues, "Hypocrites say nothing about the Lilongwe saga where a man and a woman both have been locked [cheating which] is worse than two consenting adults, unlocked for that matters, engage in homosexual activities".

The State President, Joyce Banda, recently promised that her Government will legalise homosexuality amidst stiff opposition from the Public Affairs Committee, a grouping of different religious bodies in Malawi.

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