Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hell Breaks Loose in Malawi as Woman is Gang Raped before being set on Fire

A woman was allegedly gang raped before being set on fire in Malawi's Commercial City of Blantyre, the Malawi Police Service has revealed.
Southern Region Police Publicist Nicolus Gondwa told the press this morning that the tragic incident occurred near Blantyre Secondary School en-route to Ndirande Township.
The body was then dumped in one of the classrooms. It was naked at the time the police were called to the scene with used condoms scattered all over the ground near her.
"The woman had blisters and her breasts burnt. Her hands were tied together”, said Gondwa.
DPP Villains on the terrorising Malawi
            Meanwhile, the deceased who is yet to be identified has been taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital for post-mortem.
The tragic incident is coming at a time when Malawi is experiencing escalating criminal activities like armed robberies as well as murder cases. 
However, allegations making rounds in the country is that DPP authorities have given orders and guns to its notorious youth league called Cadets to terrorise Malawians in effort to arouse revolt against the current leadership of Joyce Banda.
It is revealed that DPP has resorted to such efforts as a tit for tat strategy because of current arrests on its senior members involved in corrupt and other criminal activities as well as out of frustrations having lost over two thirds of its members to PP after the demise of DPP’s Tsar Bingu wa Mutharika on 5th of April this year.
Chasowa who was killed by State Gangs
DPP is also accused for mercilessly killing 20 people involved in the July 20 demonstrations last year and another University of Malawi student who went rogue and threanted to reveal top secrets involving the president and his DPP.
The students was involved in illegal undertakings with the former President and the former Inspector General of Police who was a very close ally of Mutharika.
When he went rogue, he wanted to blackmail the government and demanded MK10 million (about £24,000). He was murdered and dumped on the campus. The Malawi Police then attempted to cover the story through a suicide note purportedly written by Chasowa.
In another related development, a former president’s aides, Chikumbotso Mutuumodzi, was arrested today having been found with unregistered ammunitions.

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