Thursday, July 12, 2012

Robert Chasowa needs no sympathy

I am writing this post without following any conventional writing style required on a blog. I am writing this post just as a remind to my fellow Malawians that we need not to sympathise with Robert Chasowa. The person was selling Malawians' birth rights to dictators and autocrats.
Only if he was given the MK10 million he demanded, we could never have been made aware of his illegal and unconstitutional undertakings which resulted into his death.
After the failed plot, Chasowa, together with his apprentices, illegally tried to blackmail the same government.

DPP thugs welding machetes to foil demomstrations. Chasowa was joined the agents of the state who devised plans to stop any criticism forged against Muthrika
His role should not be perceived on the basis of an activist who died by the state. His greedy killed him.
Having said that, I urge all those calling for the investigation of Chasowa’s murder to reconsider taking the same calls on everyone who joined Chasowa to illegally cheat Malawians.
Chasowa never shared our painful moments which led to the July 20. He was an agent of the governemnt determined to kill our hard earned democracy.  
This implies that Chasowa was also behind the torching down of other people’s houses, markets and offices of activists.
It can further be alleged that Chasowa shared these secrets or even formulated some with government officials like the axed I.G (Peter Mukhito) on how to flatten the vigour of those determined to preserve our democracy. But Chasowa did not share in any of these.

Gruesome murder of Robert Chasowa who was an agent of governemnt
 tasked to devise strategies to foil democracy 
He only wanted to share information which would implicate the same system he served when the relationship turned sour because the Governement could not give him the MK10 million he demanded (or agreed to be given for a dirty job of protting against the country’s sacred constitution). What is activism in that? I don’t see any.
To close this, I ask everyone to call not only for those who murdered Chasowa because they took the law in their hand, but also to take to task everyone who blackmailed Malawians.
Who knows; may be Chasowa and company were among those panga welding people in that DPP pick up prior to the July Demonstrations. May be his efforts then did not materialise as it was on short notice.
All in all, Chasowa’s actions were guided by greed and he was only driven by one thing: To kill Malawians, Malawi's democracy and snatch Malawians of their constitutional rights to satisfy his own ego.
Chasowa was someone who believed in autocracy and dictatorship when a majority of Malawians lost confidence in the system.
My only thoughts are with his mother because it is painful to lose a son.
Other than that, I have no respect for Robert Chasowa, Black Moses and everyone who wanted to invalidate our Constitutional provisions for their personal satisfaction and others who share the same ego have to be taught a lesson by also prosecuting everyone who was an accomplice of Chasowa. What they were doing is tantamount to a Constitutional coup.
All in all, blackmailing and murder are all illegal and no one should be spared. Those who killed Chasowa and those who like Chasowa wanted to revolt against our Constitutional enshrined rights. Like Bingu wa Mutharika, the tyranny who caused pain in the lives of most Malawians, Chasowa needs no sympathy for he raped the supreme law - the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi.

Like Chasowa, DPP thugs danced when Malawians suffered under the oppressive ledership of Mutharika. They were behind infernos targeted on activists and everyone who opposed Mutharika


Pearson Nkhoma said...

Robert Chasowa: HOW HE DIED

The Beginning

30th march 2011, Bingu Mutharika calls upon the DPP Youth Cadets to “protect” him from his critics in the manner of MCP’s Yuth Leaguers and Young Pioneers and also UDF’s Young Democrats”.
17th July 2011, Robert Chasowa, Bright Mhango and Victor Mandiwa among other Polytechnic students attend a meeting with Rafiq Hajat to strategize on the handling of fou
rth coming July 20 demonstrations.
19th July 2011, Robert is marked out by the DPP and the Police as having organized a group of Polytechnic students who planned to stone panga wielding DPP cadets who went berserk down town Blantyre.
20th July 2011, the group which met Hajat alongside other Polytechnic students, lead the demonstrators at the clock tower in Blantyre (because of a court injunction against the demonstrations the demonstrators simply gathered around the clock tower. The demonstrations only started upon the arrival of the Polytechnic students, who were chanting, “Eni demo afika”).Once again Robert is singled out by the Police as a ring leader.

Pearson Nkhoma said...

Enter New Vision Youth Organisation

Robert Chasowa had links with a grouping called New Vision Youth Organisation (NVYO) hereinafter referred to as ‘The Group’. Grouping was formed between 2001 and 2002 by Duncan Phiri, Phaniso Mhone and Justice Kangulu (a childhood friend to Chasowa who recruited Chasowa into the fold of the grouping) The group was into various socio-economic activities, and it survived on rewards from reporting Tax evasion to MRA. The grouping planned to stop demonstrations planned for August 17 2011 in favor of dialogue with the national president.

Towards this end, the grouping through Duncan (0992222277) at 6:30pm, Saturday 13 August 2011 phoned the Malawi Police Inspector General Peter Mukitho (0888203776) to link them up with the president so that the group could lay down its plan to him in person.

Mukitho liked the idea and on the same evening instructed Southern Region Police Commissioner, José to make contact with the group to get a more vivid picture of what the group was really about.
9:30PM same day, José (0888866369) called Duncan to arrange for a meeting on the following morning (Sunday 14 August).

José met Duncan at Green Corner (along Chikwawa Road) and drove to Mirale in Toyota Corolla as Duncan explained the group’s agenda. José talked to Mukhitho who ordered that José drive the group to Lilongwe at once.

José and Duncan drove to the Polytechnic where they met Robert to inform him of the trip to Lilongwe. The rest of the group members were also told. Around 1pm the next day Robert, Duncan, Phaniso (minus Justice who was on the day attending a family tombstone unveiling ceremony) were driven to Lilongwe by José, at Chingeni the group even stopped to talk to Justice who was driving back to Blantyre from the family ceremony, they briefed him of the trip.

Between 6 and 7pm the group arrived in Lilongwe and it was Robert who explained the groups aims to the IG., and he was impressed. The group was offered Chivas Regal, a whisky and Robert being of sober orientation had some soft but expensive refreshments. The group also showed Mukhito an anti-government pamphlet bearing phone numbers of Black Moses. Mukhito reprimands Jose for having not taken any action on the owner of the phone number borne on the pamphlet.

Pearson Nkhoma said...

The IG walked out for a good five to ten minutes and talked to the president and returned with K50,000 bundles which he distributed to each member and even gave another K50,000 for Justice.
Mukhitho told the group that they couldn’t meet the president and instead just asked what the group needed to carry out its plan. Phaniso suggested K300, 000 but the IG countered with K500, 000 and made a promise that if the group was successful in thwarting the 17 August demos, ten million kwacha awaited the group. The group made demands of a car, an office space, two Ipads, two laptops, three desktops, a color printer, two digicams, two still cameras, a laminating machine, three sensitive recorders and a perforating machine. The IG promised to provide all the above and offered the group another round of Chivas for the group to drink on their way back to Blantyre.
José drove the group to Kameza in Blantyre where they met Justice {at this point José left}. Justice happens to be Black Moses’ cousin. The group spent the night at Black Moses’ house.
On 15th August around 11 AM, Commissioner José called the group to come pick up some of their the promised essentials: Money amounting to K300,000 and a car (Suzuki Jimmy) rented for three months from Country Wide Car Hire registration Number MN 2452. The things were picked up by Justice and the group paid K140, 000 upfront in rentals for a house in Nkolokosa belonging to a Mr Mathanga (thirty-five thousand kwacha per month).
Since Justice Kangulu specializes in computers the group is also given a list of eight names (comprising of Sembereka, Hajat and Ken Lipenga among others) to monitor their incoming and out going phone calls and decipher who their contacts in government were as possible sources of leaks of information on high profile corruption as publicized through the pamphlets such as the one shown to him by the group.

Pearson Nkhoma said...

What the grouping did in keeping its end of the bargain

1. Robert won over ten influential students from Polytechnic with a promise of a K2 000 000 cut from the ten million kwacha promised by Mukhitho.
2. The Group also won over Ken Msonda and Black Moses with a promise of K2 500 000. Msonda was instantly given K6000.00 as transport money as he went over to radio stations spreading anti-demonstration messages. Msonda also won over Undule Mwakasungula over the same. Not surprisingly prominent members of CSOs started holding joint press conferences with high ranking police officials in Lilongwe. Around the same time Hajat was approached by Black Moses and was reluctant but amicable to the group’s idea against demonstrations in favor of contact and dialogue. Black Moses is also reported to have also demanded some kind of “package” in return for protection for Hajat.

3. Chancellor college students proved a problem to buy over as they were not learning and thus showed no mercy to the government and were in total support of the demonstrations. However Duncan spoke of Robert and Black Moses as having successfully bought over a Solomon if not Simon Mchawe who was given K15 000 (He is said to be the student that reported Associate Professor Blessings Chinsinga to the police after he gave a revolutionary example in class).
4. Robert, Duncan and Phaniso also courted Catholic University students and promised them one point five million kwacha in return for their cooperation.
5. Robert urged the Polytechnic Student Union (PSU) to issue anti-demonstrations statements, but this demand was turned down by the then PSU executive.
6. Robert went on air to speak against demonstrations in favor of dialogue.

Pearson Nkhoma said...

After the Demonnstratons were cancelled, the group took that as success but the relationship with the police soured especially with the IG failing to give the ten million kwacha.
On 20 August José called Robert and Justice to their Nkolokosa offices and accused them of being too slow and that the police had to use some other groupings (Remember around the same time the police hold joint meetings with CSOs). José also told Chasowa and Justice that the police had convinced Civil Society Organizations by itself hence the cancellation of the ten million kwacha deal. On 23rd August 2011, the Suzuki was returned to the police on Jose’s instructions. Prior to this Jose had driven Duncan and Phaniso to an undisclosed spot in Chiwembe at night. Available information suggests the two were to be disposed off that night by assailants who failed to show up.Behind the backs of Duncan and Phaniso Jose tell Robert and justice that his move was just a ploy to get rid of former two and went on to advise the latter two to join Black Moses’ group, the idea being to get to the bottom of the people who were the source of information on high profile corruption being circulated in town. In their new posting Robert and Justice Sub-rent out the house rented in Nkolokosa at K105 000 to a tenant identified by Justice. The two make available only nine thousand kwacha to eighteen thousand kwacha to Duncan and Phaniso and claim that the rest of the money had been used to try and pay off irate Polytechnic and catholic university students who were demanding the promised two million kwacha and one point five million kwacha respectively. Also waiting in the wings for a cut were the likes of Ken Msonda and Black Moses and other city hoodlums who took an active leading role in the burning and looting of July 19 2011 to whom Robert had also promised a cut from the “ten Million kwacha”. The group even bought a sim card (0994378323) for Msonda to talk to the IG himself on why the money was delaying. Msonda sensed trouble from what he discussed with Mukhitho and advised the group to drop the matter.

Pearson Nkhoma said...

Robert’s Downfall

To avoid losing face Robert kept pestering José, Mukhitho and Peter Mutharika (0999005276) to remind them of the “ten Million kwacha”. Robert even created a special email through which he used to contact Peter Mutharika. One day Robert and Justice jointly called Peter Mutharika and he gave the phone to Mulli and Noel Masangwi. Justice also talked to Masangwi in his car to no avail and Masangwi and Mulli told off the duo.

This turn of events left Robert disgruntled, embarrassed, frustrated, dejected and very! Very! Very! angry. In a fit of rage, he called José and told him that he would go public on 27 September if the promised “ten Million kwacha” was not honored. By then Robert had already talked to Nyasa Times but had not shed much light on the gravity of his war with the then ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the Police.

In revenge against the DPP and the Police, Robert joined YDF with bitterness. Now Robert Black Moses and a Chikapa sourced sensitive information on government officials from the likes of Kamlepo Kaluwa, Rafiq Hajat, Ken Lipenga and other disgruntled DPP high ranking officials for publication in a pamphlet called the “Weekly Political Update” with their phone numbers printed on it. This turn of events makes top ranking DPP officials see real red!!!!

Pearson Nkhoma said...

This is why I say we should not and never sympathise with Robert Chasowa. He was a cheat who wanted to kill our democracy. His group members, just like Chasowa's murders, should also face the law, possibly for treason and constitutional coup...