Thursday, September 20, 2012

Khumbo Kachali Disowned by His Relatives

The saying that ‘blood is thicker than water’ does not always apply. Not in Malawi’s political arena as the country’s Vice President, Khumbo Kachali, has been rebuked by his family members.
Patricia Kachali, 22 year old niece of the vice president who is doing her studies at Lilongwe University of Agriculture (Bunda College), released a strong worded statement on Peoples Party facebook page rebuking the recent immoral behaviour demonstrated by his uncle.
The vice president is in the bowl of hot soup for using loathsome words against Malawians providing checks and balances over the executive arm of the government in accordance with democratic principles set in the country’s Constitution.
In retaliation, Khumbo Kachali ‘smoked out’ the government critics at a rally conducted in Karonga.
Family Members disown Khumbo Kachali for growing a big head
Mukungoti ine ndi a President tikungokhalira kuyenda. Tikuyenda pakhomo la amayi anu? (You the wicked people who claim that the president and I are on the great trek; are we using money from your mothers’ homes?)”, the vice president confronted the tax-payers at a podium for government officials to reduce on the never ending-trotting.
Hours later, the vice president was in the news again for allegedly snatching hospital beds from Dowa hospital; heartlessly, leaving babies and other sick children on the cold floor.
Kachali’s niece could not bear such brutal undertakings. She disowned Kachali’s inhuman actions, joining other members of the public who are demanding the resignation of the vice president for breaching the country’s Constitution.
Section 6 of the Republic Constitution asserts that “the authority to govern derives from the people of Malawi”.
The stingy Kachali has, however, demonstrated that he is not ready yet bow down to the needs of those people.
This angered Patricia Kachali who casted her vote of no confidence in the vice president.
“Tell my uncle to slow down. Mablunder akuchuluka. Speech in [Karonga] and moving of beds [at] night from Mponela [hospital] (sic). The public eye is watching”, she prophetically lamented on the Peoples Party page, implying that it should not come as a surprise when Peoples Party succumb the presidency to the opposition during the forthcoming 2014 general elections.
In reaction, one of the forum’s active members, Chrissie Kamanga Kalamula, reasoned that Patricia Kachali, as the niece of the vice president, was better placed to provide some words of wisdom to the old man whose cognitive abilities prove to be ailing.
Her courage equates the one demonstrated by Brian Chimombo who rebuked his step father, Bingu wa Mutharika, branding him as one of the worst “tyranny” of our time.
Brian, who is practicing law in the UK, posted on his facebook account last year: “Aaaarrrgggghhhh!!! My mum married a tyranny”. 
He added, “My [biological] dad would be shifting in his grave!!!!” arguing that his father would never endorse the dictatorial conduct of Mutharika.
So far, inside sources indicate that Joyce Banda was so furious with the toyboy she handpicked as the country’s vice president.
The sources further revealed that the president forced Khumbo Kachali to apologize for his outbursts.
However, Kachali directed the Ministry of Information to apologize on his behalf.
Against this background, some Malawians have expressed concerns that if Joyce Banda was to die today (God forbids), Khumbo Kachali would be worse than the previous autocratic regime of Mutharika.
Unlike other redundant activists, the ‘no hold barred’ John Kapito demands that Joyce Banda should fire Khumbo Kachali if he does not resign. However, the constitution stipulates that the president cannot fire her deputy.
However, as a way of cover up, online papers which carry propaganda for PP revealed that Peter Mutharika and Jean Kalilani also snatched hospital beds from Chitipa to their respective homes Thyolo and Dowa when they were in power.
Proponents for such propaganda ask why women MPs and other Malawians calling for the resignation of Khumbo Kachali did not point the plank in these law makers.
However, some critics agree that justifying Khumbo Kachali’s actions on this basis is misplaced. They equate this example to arguments put forward by Bakili Muluzi during his third/open term campaign. UDF then argued that since Kamuzu ruled Malawi for 30+ years, it was justifiable for Muluzi to demand more terms than set in the constitution; while others argue the parody comes closer to saying that every president in Malawi should be a dictator who should kill every critic (whether mental killing or physical killing) considering that Kamuzu was a dictator.
All in all, this debate, whose expiry date does not appear to be imminent is dividing Malawi’s political arena within tribal divisions which could see the return of the blood shed in the aftermath of the 1999 general elections coming to haunt us once again in 2014 general elections.
Overall, the Joyce Banda’s regime is being criticized for taking the same path which forced Malawians to demonstrate against Bingu wa Mutharika.
Same old songs
Among other demands set out in the July 20 points, Malawians demanded that Mutharika should sell the jet; declare personal asserts; a reduction on the convoy and global trotting; as well as need to sustainably address UNIMA impasse. All these have hardly been tackled by the current regime whose popularity is fast waning.
For example, the country’s president Joyce Banda is attending a UN summit, blowing over MK300 million of taxpayers’ money. Her entourage includes traditional leaders, PP official and relatives, all of whom have no government business whatsoever in this trip.
This is despite recent estimate showing that Malawi’s skyrocketing inflation rate is floating at around 30%.
 Indeed, the public eye is watching…

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