Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fire the Rapist Cabinet Minister

Disclaimer: This is nothing to some of you and has not been written following any convention of a news report

A senior Minister in Malawi intended to rape an underage child in Mzuzu. He tricked the girl, whose father was once in the cabinet, into his room at one of the local hotels. I will not provide more details here. However, the story just made headlines in a Friday gossip paper despite being one of the gravest criminal act on the land.
Such an issue deserves strong coverage by all media houses as this minister has failed to ensure justice of this innocent girl. How will such a rapist ensure justice for all Malawians while serving as the Minister. Are not Cabinet Ministers supposed to be accountable and be custodian of human rights and serve the welfare of the most vulnerable?
The long arms of the law have been made short by this cabinet minister who swore to defend the Constitution.
The Rapist is still the Minister, despite the President being a woman and claiming to be a strong advocate of the girl child's rights.
Joyce Banda please fire this rapist from the Cabinet
In the UK, a Minister was fired for calling police officers as plebeians. Another Minister in the UK was also fired for over-speeding. Are you telling me that raping is a less serious human rights violation than over-speeding?
As Malawians, Are we really serious about moving our democracy to its maturity stage? I bet not. We are satisfied at this infancy level.
I will not write anything more considering that I am on a break, and considering that other people may be arrested for publishing my blogs. If you need more information about this, then I am afraid I will not give it.
By the way, did you hear about this minister who abducted an underage girl from Lilongwe to Mzuzu where he had sex with her. I will not write anything about that either. All I can say now is that it is illegal to have sex or buy sex from an underage according to the laws of Malawi, particularly the Child Care, Protection and Justice Act  passed in 2010. The maximum sentence for such crimes is life.
Since you are the same people who claim that whistle-blowers deserve to be arrested and not those who flaunt the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, I will zip my mouth and not meddle into other peoples business. But do you know the emotional trauma such girls have passed through.
As I said earlier on, I am on a hiatus and see you in 2016.

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