Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Talking in Whispers: Returns

I am taking a hiatus because of other personal commitments.
As such, I will not write of Malawi becoming a Police State where one can be arrested for dressing, talking, eating, driving, walking (swagging) like the President.
Only in Malawi: it is illegal to own a house, a land rover, a limo, yamaha motorbikes, security guards, clothes, shoes, number of children, surnames, first names, number of teeth, hairstyle and anything which resemble that of the president...
Everything which I may have written tomorrow or the day after tomorrow can be found in this award winning piece titled: TALKING IN WHISPERS.
Click the link to buy the book if you are interested in reading what I may have written but was already written decades back.
Sixteen-year-old Andres becomes a wanted man and the target of security forces after the driver of a car that he is travelling in is shot and his father is taken away.
Then Andres meets an American journalist who provides him with evidence that will be 'more valuable than bullets' against the oppressive military regime.
An exciting and uncompromising political thriller, Talking in Whispers was awarded the German Buxtehulder Bulle, which celebrates outstanding teenage fiction dealing with human rights themes.
This is where I end and close down my blog, see you in 2016... 


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