Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Judicial System in the UK is Racist

I have to stop my work for a moment despite that my supervisors expects to have this compile on their tables first thing in the morning. Its almost 01:47 in the morning already. Having burned my cognitive abilities I decided to take a breather by checking updating myself about current affairs. BBC was my destination. Instead, what I saw was sickening and depressing; that I regretted my decision of taking a breather.
The Senior District Judge Howard Riddle just demonstrated that the Judicial and criminal justice systems in the UK are highly racists in all corners of the word despite this being the 21st century.
Riddle, the judge promoting racism in the UK? Questions ringer
Riddle just cleared two police officers of making racist remarks. One officer said, black people looked like monkeys whereas the other one told a black officer: go home and cook some bananas...all these remarks were made were made within the confines of a police vehicle containing four police officers. The reasoning ability of this judge is rightly to be questioned. 
So if football supporters make monkey chats and claim their were thinking or discussing about evolution, what will this unlearned judge say? By the way, how does two different remarks come in this frame. How does evolution and go cooking relate, because no two unrelated issues can be discussed in this way, this coincidence leaves a lot to be desired about the competence of judicial system in the UK. 
I think I should sleep coz I cant take this no more. This just shows that the judicial system and Metropolitan Police Service condone racism in every.
I will not write more than this, and I am contemplating of leaving this Durham Place coz if the police can be allowed to walk tall for such remarks (why would I then report a person who says racist remarks to me? why should i dial 999 to report any racist remarks made by any other person against anyone?
The judges have accepted that racist remarks are no criminal offences.
By the way, the same judicial system acquitted John Terry who, like the police, accepted that they used those racist remarks...the same racists promoting Judge,  Howard Riddle presided over Terry's case.
Now I understand why the Church of England has opposed efforts to recognize and ordain women bishops. 
I will not talk about the criminalisation of LGBTS by the same systems like the church. I thought the UK was a hub of social justice which Malawi, my small third world country should model its efforts on. I was wrong. 
These systems are run by people who don't understand the aspect of social justice and human rights; the UK has itself a longway to go to make racism and other social injustices against minority groups history.
For more information about the MET racist case and how the racist promoter, judge Riddle legitimized racism, please click here
Betrayed by the System!!

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