Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chikaonda, is Carlsberg Malawi Being Used as A Political Condom?

Carlsberg Malawi, just like any other corporate brand in Malawi such as Airtel, National Bank, NBS, Standard Bank, TNM, is a joke. These companies claim that they pay huge taxes to the government. Now Carlsberg is threatening that they are shutting down.  However, I would like to show things which these companies hardly tell Malawians.
These companies make millions of profits after tax and you wonder why they charge us, the Malawians, exorbitant costs for their substandard services. If you think I am lying, wait and check their 2013 mid-year returns after paying tax. You will see that these people skin us alive.
Chikaonda: The PCL chair claimed that Macra was
being used as a political condom. Has he turned Carlsberg into a
political condom now? What are his political interests?
PCL,  which in 2012 made MK6.127 billion profits after tax, owns Carlsberg Malawi
1:- I suspect political sabotage; Someone may have politically motivated them, so that  Malawians may fault JB for this. Petty Politics. We just have to examine who owns huge shares in Carlsberg or Press Corps (PCL) which also owns National Bank, TNM etc. What did Mathews Chikaonda, the PCL Chair, say at the opening of National Bank? Is Carlsberg (or any PCL baby) being used as a political condom? Search me!!
2:- I suspect '[football] sabotage'. Carlsebrg used similar reasons to stop sponsoring the Carlberg cup; when in actual sense, Liverpool still had that t-shirt sponsorship which associated alcohol and football and Euro 2002 was co-sponsored by Carlsberg (i  may be wrong). And they may use the same as a scapegoat for pulling out of football sponsorship (not because BB may get their sponsorship), but because they are good at creating excuses.
All these conspiracy theories may be valid. However, let’s wait and see what they would bring us for their mid of year returns. 
All in all, you can access the Carlsberg profits or that of PCL  which in 2012 made MK6.127 billion profits after tax, by following this link:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Karma Driving Politics in Malawi

Bakili Muluzi handpicked Atupele Muluzi in his efforts to revenge against the treatment he experienced at the hand of Bingu wa Muntharika who, dumped Muluzi without saying 'thank you', ngakhale anali malonda omvuta kugulitsa just like Peter Mutharika is. 
The Big and Young Muluzis
Muluzi's goal was further influenced by his hunger to remain in power, which made him to hand pick Mutharika, and then attempt to bounce back in power in 2009. 
Then, Bingu died, thereby making the candidacy of Atupere redundant.  

On the other hand, Bingu handpicked Peter to ensure that he avoids power being snatched away from him, just like snatched the bicycle bell from Muluzi. This would further open up room for Bakili's to revenge against Mutharika. 
Bingu was also afraid of having the keys to taxipayers money being returned to the Muluzi Family. 
And what does Karma do? Mutharika died, making the candidacy of Peter Mutharika redundant. 
I will not talk about Muluzi, dumping Aleke Banda for Justin Malewezi, despite the former being the eligible vice president then. Neither will I claim here that Karma took the power away from DPP to PP.  
It is about to get really Karmalistic now. Inside sources allege that Atupele Muluzi is about to announce that Thoko Banda, Aleke Banda's son, will be his deputy.
Does it mean Peter Thom (I don’t know why he adopted the name Mutharika which Bingu adopted for his personal reasons) and Atupele Muluzi are eligible candidates?
This is the question my ‘Road to 2014’ analytical series will attempt to answer.
Peter: Mutharika or Thom?
It is however evident that Yin and Yang, Karma, 24 Hours rota, La 40, 365 appears to be immersed in Malawi's politics, catching up on these candidates.
The more things change, the more they return to the same starting position. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Revealing Whose Chibanzi I am Eating

Since March 2012, different people have been asking me something like this: Pearson, I thought you are a member of PP, why are you against PP and the President? It has been a difficult question. However, my basic and straightforward answer has been: Yes, I belong to Piii Piii (a fact I have never denied). However, I'm very different from other members of the party. I just don't support any decision which the president makes. This, in my opinion is why people challenged MCP, the reason for the latent letter by our insightful bishops issued in 1993. If we dont oppose ideologies of our respective parties, then we are not different from Kamuzu Banda. Realistically, it means we, the Malawians, are not as democratic as we proclaim. We do forward the same verdict MCP forged against Kanyama Chiume and Henry Chipembere in 1964.

But since yesterday, I have seen the question changing its color. Some people are now asking me: Pearson, akudyetsa chibanzi kapena you are seeking government favours? My answer: What do you think? 
I seek for the answer which vindicates that Malawi and its people are in a democratic state, not just in theory. Show me your faith  which demonstrates that we can take opposing views with a sober head. Should we also infer that amene akupanga oppose'wa, these same people who are vocal in opposing the government like myself most of the time, adyetsedwa chibanzi by the opposition? Should I argue that when I write "JB has failed us", it implies that Peter wakunja Mutharika or Atupele Baby Muluzi have given me chibanzi? Whose chibanzi is Kapito eating?
On the contrary, I think I have just shown you enough evidence that Malawians will always want you to be on the side of their coin, never opposing their ideologies. This is the reason I like reading Matigari. We crucify each other. We are happy chasing each other like roosters do. 
Whose chibanzi is the media romping? For example, I noticed that when JB is on her never ending whistle stop tour or globetrotting, the media cries foul, skinning the  president alive. 
Personally, I think the president has been travelling a lot; doing things expected of her ministers; I think the president has to realise that she is not a Relief Distribution Coordinator.
But when Baby or PM are doing whistle-stop tours, or globetrotting (I am told someone was on a Xmas holiday until late last month), the issue is treated differently. For example, when DPP party zealots frogs the VIP section at KIA, the country papers including the Nation headlined: The Blue Sea of Supporters Shower Peter Mutharika as PM bangs full support. May be they are also on a Passover meal like myself.
Why are we not using same measures? Why is it that certain acts become problems when done by the other camp? Are we, in some kind, living in an Animal Farm? Mwinadi ndadya chibanzi or may be I should just be talking in whispers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spare me the President’s Head! To Impeach or Not To Impeach JB?

As the striking force of the civil servants is gaining momentum, some disgruntled individuals have taken this opportunity to call for the resignation or impeachment of the president. I consider such calls unrealistic, (un)democratic, costly and highly misplaced. Of course, I know that most of my friends will now question my stand (and  rightly or wrongly so). They will think I have been given chibanzi. I have no control over your perspective regarding my stand. I only have control over my opinion.
If Joyce Banda, PhD, goes, are we sure that our MPs, Ministers, or the Judiciary are sober enough to come up with a government (of national unity) which will put the needs of Malawians at the centre of their leadership? My answer is a very big NOOOOOOOO! Most of them are opportunists, driven by insatiable hunger of selfishness. For example, if at all our MPs were concerned with the plight of Malawians, they could have resigned the first time they crossed the floor to UDF, DPP, then PP. They have, for years, been running like ole’ days Concords; leaving us, the Malawians, the electorates in shambles and tatters because of poverty.
The only alternative is a police/military state. But do we need to walk this path which we avoided on the aftermath of that fateful morning of the 6th March, 2012? Without JB, a state of emergency may be declared #Fact. This is something most of us calling for the head of JB are hardly aware of. May be we are also not aware of the fact that we already on our pathway towards the 2014 general elections, in about 12 months time.
My understanding is that JB has now lost her plot and control over Parliament. Thus, some power hungry MPs think they can forward an impeachment proposal targeted towards the President. To a larger extent, this motion will be forged by their own agenda not the plight of my fellow Malawians. I don’t think we need to trust MPs who want to umbrella themselves with exorbitant allowances at a time when hospitals are in deficit of resources. Whose reality are these MPs counting on for their motion to impeach the president? This is the question we need to find answer to.
I should also say here that my fellow Malawians need to be very afraid of the likes of John Kapito, a man who thinks he can stand in the current striking ‘civil slaves’ and present himself as a messiah. Spare me this one please. I still remember that Kapito is one of the guys who proposed for the devaluation of the currency. And like most of our politicians, he ironically changed the stance when his brainchild, the Kwacha’s devaluation, started to haunt Malawians. Initially, he welcomed the devaluation (this is ably on record in media). He is so cunning like Cassius, in need of JB's head because of his own frustrations; either because he was never given Chibanzi like the silenced Undule Mwakasungulas. My fellow Malawians, be very afraid of such characters. They will dump you oncee again after using you like that plastic.
Joyce Banda: She may not be everyone's bread and butter. And she may have
failed in some areas, but I still have confidence in some of her abilities to drive Malawi forward, and calling
for her impeachment or resignation is misplaced, driven by personal hatred.
When JB resigns or is successfully impeached, most of these MPs will dump their current parties and join the trivalent [sic] or whosoever will be at the helm of governance. We have seen this happening since the colonial era, when Malawians sold each other to the colonialists; during the cabinet crisis of 1964 or the 1971 declaration, during the Muluzi era, or the Mutharika regime. And memories of recent underpinnings are so fresh in some of us. I remember how MPs like Yunus Mussa, the right handman of Bingu wa Mutharika who, despite offering a sacrifice for Mutharika's survival, dumped Mutharika just after Mutharika had breathed his last. Changing party colors like a desert chameleon. Malawians don’t need a gecko-like character which nods its head for its own survival.
If we are serious about having the president resign or have her impeached, I think we should start by calling for the impeachment of all the MPs. All of them, save for one, Lifred Nawena. Other MPs, including Baba Zenus are all self-centred. If we cannot have our own MPs impeached, then let us continue with dialogue and leave JB to continue with her presidency.
Our selfish calls for the impeachment of the president will take us many centuries behind. We will be where we started in 1964, 1971, 1995/6, 2001; 2005/06 and 2012 (or even worse!!). I hope you know what happened during these years.
To sum up my nonsense, as arguments raised here would appear in some of your eyes, our politicians do not have ideologies to take the needs of Malawians ahead. They are just there to forge their personal vendetta. Our needs dont even come last in the heads. Our needs are inexistence in their minds.
What can drive us away from this mess is sobriety. If JB puts on the jacket she wore when she initially left the oppressive DPP, we can move forward and address the grievances which have forced civil slaves (for their working conditions define them as such) to shut down Capital Hill, forcing JB to be in BT (so I am made aware of).
Having met JB at her once Mudi residence, I am optimistic she can open up her ears and brains which were shut after she allowed those who made the sleeping lion within Bingu wa Mutharika’s skin come to life.
And I know most of us are joining in the strike, not because we need the increment, but because we have hidden agenda. We want to paint a picture that JB has miserably failed. Indeed, she may have failed, but we are the people who clapped hands at the 'achievements' of Bingu wa Mutharika when others were wailing night and day, saying that Bingu, the autocrat was failing Malawi; that Bingu was taking the country into oblivion where it could be impossible to save. Now JB is having problems in taking the country from the hades of destructions. We, who are calling for the head of JB, are to a larger extent to blame for this mess.
I know most of us vocal for the President’s head are largely influenced by the colors of our political parties rotting in opposition benches. Thus, we are geared towards one thing: TO make JB feel the pinch of kufinya chipani chathu and those thugs funding our political parties (need I mention names?) We have also received chisikono, fortunately or unfortunately so, from the opposition to make JB feel the chiperoni winds. We were quite when Bingu was making the same mistakes, bombing our houses and offices. No two mistakes make it right, but why this sudden change.
And as I said, why can’t we wait for May 2014 so that, through the ballot, we can demonstrate that we have lost trust in JB’s style of governance. In the meantime, As a matter of my personal conclusion, let JB continue womanning the driver’s seat. If I may ask, will impeaching JB address these problems in a snap of the finger? Practically, theoretically or realistically nooooo. If you need her head, cut it during the 2014 elections. If you can’t wait, it’s mainly because, in my personal opinion, the basis of your calls for JB’s impeachment or resignation has no integrity whatsoever. You should not have waited during Mutharika’s messing with the country.
Of course, JB needs to unpluck some of her feathers because she flew at a hypersonic speed, leaving us, her people, behind. This, in my opinion, is a result of the people she has surrounded herself, people who made Bakili seek the third term, people who forced Muluzi to handpick Bingu wa Mutharika, the same people who urged Muluzi to stand in 2009; the same people who made Mutharika change the flag, bring the injunction bill and these are to blame for blinding the JB some of us 'know'. Thus spare me this crap, and spare me Dr. Joyce Banda’s head. Let Amai continue with chiwongolero.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Public Hospitals in Malawi Forced to Shut Down

....Demonstration On Deteriorating Public Health Looming

Public hospitals in Malawi may be prematurely closed following worsening shortages of medicines and deteriorating standards of health services in public hospitals, government and medical authorities have warned.

This will blackout 13 million plus Malawians from having access to medical services. And as posted earlier on at Kuwunika Mmalawi, medical doctors from public hospitals have issued the president with an emotional plea for her timely intervention.

Kuwunika M'Malawi has also been informed by reliable sources that if Capital Hill doesnot take heed of the SOS issued by medical doctors from public hospitals, we are in for a nose dive.

“We are writing as a group of concerned physicians and other consultants who work at Kamuzu Central Hospital. Over the past few months, there have been consistent and worsening shortages of essential and basic medications and supplies that are necessary for the care of acutely sick patients" reads part of the epistle to the President.

In the letter, I was also revealed that medical practitioners in public hospitals have been using their personal resources just to serve lives from preventable diseases.

"[We] have come to realise that the situation, already dire, is not improving and our current strategy is neither sufficient nor sustainable.

“In the meantime, we are experiencing the deaths of patients from treatable diseases [diarrhoea, pneumonia and malaria], which is heart breaking,” reads the doctors’ letter.

In a related development, some commentators have intensified calls for another nationwide demonstration following such increased concerns regarding the health status in Malawi.

"Why is the government being indifferent to the plight of millions who can't afford pvt hospitals?" One disgruntled Malawian wondered.

Other Malawians have gone a step further by suggesting introduction of a law which would stop public officers and their families from accessing private medical services.

"Let there be a law which would bar these policymakers including everyone at Capital Hill, starting with the President and her family from accessing private medical services. Let them taste their own medicine", reasoned a frustrated Malawian.

Meanwhile. a Health advocacy NGO, Malawi Health Equity Network (Mhen), has joined the calls for civil actions which may see Capital Hill declare Malawi as a State of Emergency to speed up support from other countries.

“The President must do something. This is life or death. We are in a crisis. Doctors going that far shows that the matters are very serious. We join them”, said Mhen executive director Martha Kwataine.