Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chikaonda, is Carlsberg Malawi Being Used as A Political Condom?

Carlsberg Malawi, just like any other corporate brand in Malawi such as Airtel, National Bank, NBS, Standard Bank, TNM, is a joke. These companies claim that they pay huge taxes to the government. Now Carlsberg is threatening that they are shutting down.  However, I would like to show things which these companies hardly tell Malawians.
These companies make millions of profits after tax and you wonder why they charge us, the Malawians, exorbitant costs for their substandard services. If you think I am lying, wait and check their 2013 mid-year returns after paying tax. You will see that these people skin us alive.
Chikaonda: The PCL chair claimed that Macra was
being used as a political condom. Has he turned Carlsberg into a
political condom now? What are his political interests?
PCL,  which in 2012 made MK6.127 billion profits after tax, owns Carlsberg Malawi
1:- I suspect political sabotage; Someone may have politically motivated them, so that  Malawians may fault JB for this. Petty Politics. We just have to examine who owns huge shares in Carlsberg or Press Corps (PCL) which also owns National Bank, TNM etc. What did Mathews Chikaonda, the PCL Chair, say at the opening of National Bank? Is Carlsberg (or any PCL baby) being used as a political condom? Search me!!
2:- I suspect '[football] sabotage'. Carlsebrg used similar reasons to stop sponsoring the Carlberg cup; when in actual sense, Liverpool still had that t-shirt sponsorship which associated alcohol and football and Euro 2002 was co-sponsored by Carlsberg (i  may be wrong). And they may use the same as a scapegoat for pulling out of football sponsorship (not because BB may get their sponsorship), but because they are good at creating excuses.
All these conspiracy theories may be valid. However, let’s wait and see what they would bring us for their mid of year returns. 
All in all, you can access the Carlsberg profits or that of PCL  which in 2012 made MK6.127 billion profits after tax, by following this link:

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