Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Karma Driving Politics in Malawi

Bakili Muluzi handpicked Atupele Muluzi in his efforts to revenge against the treatment he experienced at the hand of Bingu wa Muntharika who, dumped Muluzi without saying 'thank you', ngakhale anali malonda omvuta kugulitsa just like Peter Mutharika is. 
The Big and Young Muluzis
Muluzi's goal was further influenced by his hunger to remain in power, which made him to hand pick Mutharika, and then attempt to bounce back in power in 2009. 
Then, Bingu died, thereby making the candidacy of Atupere redundant.  

On the other hand, Bingu handpicked Peter to ensure that he avoids power being snatched away from him, just like snatched the bicycle bell from Muluzi. This would further open up room for Bakili's to revenge against Mutharika. 
Bingu was also afraid of having the keys to taxipayers money being returned to the Muluzi Family. 
And what does Karma do? Mutharika died, making the candidacy of Peter Mutharika redundant. 
I will not talk about Muluzi, dumping Aleke Banda for Justin Malewezi, despite the former being the eligible vice president then. Neither will I claim here that Karma took the power away from DPP to PP.  
It is about to get really Karmalistic now. Inside sources allege that Atupele Muluzi is about to announce that Thoko Banda, Aleke Banda's son, will be his deputy.
Does it mean Peter Thom (I don’t know why he adopted the name Mutharika which Bingu adopted for his personal reasons) and Atupele Muluzi are eligible candidates?
This is the question my ‘Road to 2014’ analytical series will attempt to answer.
Peter: Mutharika or Thom?
It is however evident that Yin and Yang, Karma, 24 Hours rota, La 40, 365 appears to be immersed in Malawi's politics, catching up on these candidates.
The more things change, the more they return to the same starting position. 

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