Friday, February 1, 2013

Public Hospitals in Malawi Forced to Shut Down

....Demonstration On Deteriorating Public Health Looming

Public hospitals in Malawi may be prematurely closed following worsening shortages of medicines and deteriorating standards of health services in public hospitals, government and medical authorities have warned.

This will blackout 13 million plus Malawians from having access to medical services. And as posted earlier on at Kuwunika Mmalawi, medical doctors from public hospitals have issued the president with an emotional plea for her timely intervention.

Kuwunika M'Malawi has also been informed by reliable sources that if Capital Hill doesnot take heed of the SOS issued by medical doctors from public hospitals, we are in for a nose dive.

“We are writing as a group of concerned physicians and other consultants who work at Kamuzu Central Hospital. Over the past few months, there have been consistent and worsening shortages of essential and basic medications and supplies that are necessary for the care of acutely sick patients" reads part of the epistle to the President.

In the letter, I was also revealed that medical practitioners in public hospitals have been using their personal resources just to serve lives from preventable diseases.

"[We] have come to realise that the situation, already dire, is not improving and our current strategy is neither sufficient nor sustainable.

“In the meantime, we are experiencing the deaths of patients from treatable diseases [diarrhoea, pneumonia and malaria], which is heart breaking,” reads the doctors’ letter.

In a related development, some commentators have intensified calls for another nationwide demonstration following such increased concerns regarding the health status in Malawi.

"Why is the government being indifferent to the plight of millions who can't afford pvt hospitals?" One disgruntled Malawian wondered.

Other Malawians have gone a step further by suggesting introduction of a law which would stop public officers and their families from accessing private medical services.

"Let there be a law which would bar these policymakers including everyone at Capital Hill, starting with the President and her family from accessing private medical services. Let them taste their own medicine", reasoned a frustrated Malawian.

Meanwhile. a Health advocacy NGO, Malawi Health Equity Network (Mhen), has joined the calls for civil actions which may see Capital Hill declare Malawi as a State of Emergency to speed up support from other countries.

“The President must do something. This is life or death. We are in a crisis. Doctors going that far shows that the matters are very serious. We join them”, said Mhen executive director Martha Kwataine.


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