Thursday, February 21, 2013

Revealing Whose Chibanzi I am Eating

Since March 2012, different people have been asking me something like this: Pearson, I thought you are a member of PP, why are you against PP and the President? It has been a difficult question. However, my basic and straightforward answer has been: Yes, I belong to Piii Piii (a fact I have never denied). However, I'm very different from other members of the party. I just don't support any decision which the president makes. This, in my opinion is why people challenged MCP, the reason for the latent letter by our insightful bishops issued in 1993. If we dont oppose ideologies of our respective parties, then we are not different from Kamuzu Banda. Realistically, it means we, the Malawians, are not as democratic as we proclaim. We do forward the same verdict MCP forged against Kanyama Chiume and Henry Chipembere in 1964.

But since yesterday, I have seen the question changing its color. Some people are now asking me: Pearson, akudyetsa chibanzi kapena you are seeking government favours? My answer: What do you think? 
I seek for the answer which vindicates that Malawi and its people are in a democratic state, not just in theory. Show me your faith  which demonstrates that we can take opposing views with a sober head. Should we also infer that amene akupanga oppose'wa, these same people who are vocal in opposing the government like myself most of the time, adyetsedwa chibanzi by the opposition? Should I argue that when I write "JB has failed us", it implies that Peter wakunja Mutharika or Atupele Baby Muluzi have given me chibanzi? Whose chibanzi is Kapito eating?
On the contrary, I think I have just shown you enough evidence that Malawians will always want you to be on the side of their coin, never opposing their ideologies. This is the reason I like reading Matigari. We crucify each other. We are happy chasing each other like roosters do. 
Whose chibanzi is the media romping? For example, I noticed that when JB is on her never ending whistle stop tour or globetrotting, the media cries foul, skinning the  president alive. 
Personally, I think the president has been travelling a lot; doing things expected of her ministers; I think the president has to realise that she is not a Relief Distribution Coordinator.
But when Baby or PM are doing whistle-stop tours, or globetrotting (I am told someone was on a Xmas holiday until late last month), the issue is treated differently. For example, when DPP party zealots frogs the VIP section at KIA, the country papers including the Nation headlined: The Blue Sea of Supporters Shower Peter Mutharika as PM bangs full support. May be they are also on a Passover meal like myself.
Why are we not using same measures? Why is it that certain acts become problems when done by the other camp? Are we, in some kind, living in an Animal Farm? Mwinadi ndadya chibanzi or may be I should just be talking in whispers.

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