Friday, March 8, 2013

Trappings of Power (in Malawi)

On 6 April, I was in Blantyre when I was asked to immediately travel to the office of the Attorney General in Lilongwe for an emergency meeting. When I arrived, the Attorney General informed me that the President had died, and that the Minister of Justice who was present in the room had instructi...ons for us. Chiume then informed me that he had instructions from the Cabinet that the Attorney General together with me and other government lawyers should look at how the Vice President could be prevented from taking over.

Chiume repeatedly emphasized that we were to use any means necessary. Upon discussing the matter, we informed the Minister that we were not going to do anything illegal but that there was merit in trying to get an injunction against the immediate succession of the vice president to the presidency. The reasoning here was that there was already pending in the constitutional court a referral which was questioning the legitimacy of the Vice President maintaining her position in light of conduct which seemed to suggest that she had resigned.

The legal documents for the injunction were frantically put together, but astonishingly, when Chiume was asked to sign the affidavits, he declined and suggested that Goodall Gondwe, then Minister of Energy and Mining, and DPP first Vice President, should sign it. The significance of his refusal was to come to light later as he was the first Minister to defect from the DPP to the Joyce Banda’s PP. Even more revealing was the fact that Chiume now started pointing fingers at his former ministerial colleagues in the DPP, claiming that they had hatched a plot to prevent Banda from taking over the presidency in preference to the Mutharika’s brother, Peter...." [Trappings of Power- Z Allan Ntata]

Z Allan Ntata
Credits: Trappings of Power published by: Z Allan Ntata

As people talk about the report of the Cmmission of Inquiry into the circumstances of the death of the late President Bingu wa Mutharika, who I personally did not fancy that much for I 'consider' the man as an autocrat; I think this piece here says a lot to what JB took aboard.
How could 'such' people move the country forward. JB is the best president! However, no matter how good the pirate ship is, it needs the best hands to paddle it at the right speed, even when the captain is Jack Sparrow. Of course, I have to acknowledge that the captain of the ship should also be innovative and visionary in his/(her) managerial skills.

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