Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dead or Alive?

They ask of us not to talk about autocrat Bingu wa Mutharika because he is dead. Most people who say this are DPP supporters, and often say this when we remind them of the atrocities committed by DPP and its [current] army under the commandeer of none other than Bingu wa Mutharika. Yet, these same people have the audacity to remind us of what they claim 'achievements' of Bingu wa Mutharika when they discuss JB or attempt to gang up support for Bingu wa Mutharika's young brother, Peter Arthur Thom. Kodi chikomere mbuzi kugunda galu?

A Developed Malawi is Possible

I have argued: Malawi can be a developed country within few years if we are determined to make it one. Kayelekera has soared Paladin Energy returns and you ask: Why is Malawi a begging state? Remember President Mutharika's MK61bn ([accumulated through dubious means]) which could fund priority areas of our national budget without seeking [exploitative] aid from the Global North which makes us not to believe in what we can do on our own. Let me break it down for you: the public works programmes (MK23bn), school feeding programmes (K0.5bn), public health (K14bn), or, either Agriculture (MK72bn), education (about K100bn), or the whole 2012 development budget expenditure (MK69bn). We know it's more that MK61bn. And you have the guts to question me when I talk about this dead person who exploitative my people? ‪#‎HFN‬ and now, it's b'ness as usual as if no one feels the exploitation; because we seem to have been used to this. Hey People. I am feeling the ‪#‎Egyptian‬ ‪#‎Heat‬