Sunday, August 18, 2013

Who the cap fit, JB or Chakwera?

Stop Press: This is my confession: Congrats Malawi for the SADC chair'ship. This is "JB's moment"  to demonstrate that being chair of regional blocs has huge dividends for the country development/investment. I don't remember what Bingu's time as the AU's Headhoncho yielded (sorry zigoba za DPP).

Who the cap fit, JB or Chakwera?
Today, all 'eyes' in Mw are at fixed at Ntchalachala. What does Chakwera have for Malawi that the other candidates do not already have? What will Chakwera promise Malawians from Nsanje to Chitipa, Mchinji to Likoma through Tukombo? We have heard from APM (yet we all know why he wants to bounce back and bank! We all know! Asatipake phula akulu awa). And [if] the change agenda of Atupele Muluzi was highly effective, this dude could have done lots of things when he was in government as a cabinet minister, udindo umenewu wa u Minister si wamasewera achakulungwa. ironically, I have never heard Atupele Muluzi talk about the welfare of young people in Parliament, akufuna kutibera nzeru chifukwa cha age yawo akulu awa samalani nawoni. But we are all aware what's on Muluzi's mind for constructively pushing forward Baby's name as the UDF presidential candidate. Kungomva kuti okumwa tea azamwanso, basi mukuti oyimba belo azayimbanso, tchupiti.

Regardless of what I have said above, I have respect for all the candidates. If it was anything about ideologies, my vote could have been counted null and void. Ndikanazachonga onse ndi chichongi chachikulu kuti Chongi just like Nike. And if ideologies 'was' indeed anything malawi's vote is counted on, either George Nnesa or James Nyondo could be presidents today. This should however not undermine the impact that ideologies have on influencing the castigation you get from the others (from the other camps) or gunning support among some sections of the society who are currently sitting on no man's land. In addition, without sounding too contradictory, regionalistic votes are by and by becoming an issue of the past to sorely rely on it.

Between Chakulungwa Baby and Mbwiye che Thomas, huhuhuhuhu, 'cant just be fooled by these two candidates. Nay! Not me!

This leaves my heart torn between JB and Chakwera. As I said: This is my confession. And to make it a fairground, whosoever convinces me between now and 3rd March 2014 has my vote! Y'all know why 3rd March, don't you? No blood was shed in vain while fighting for Malawi's development/progression in fairness and equalness. Thus, come 2014, this is what will influence my vote.

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