Sunday, November 13, 2016

#USElections If it were the Western Media reporting results in an an African country

The drama on US elections continues to unfold. So far, reports by the US mainstream media reveal that Donald Trump is not guaranteed the presidency even after winning more than 270 Electoral College votes required to secure the presidential nominee. 

The New York Post outlined one possibility that a Trump-presidency could be derailed. According to the US Constitution, chosen electors of the Electoral College are the real people who vote for the president and often pick the candidate to whom they were bound by the popular vote. 

Depont Trump, one banner reads 
However, the paper revealed it is possible that some electors can chose a different candidate than they were bound to elect or abstain from casting the vote altogether. This, the paper claimed, is "the one scenario that could still get Hillary Clinton into the White House" on 19 December when electors will meet to cast their votes.

Observing all the drama through the lens of the media including the denial of a Trump presidency, there is a clear contrast in the way the Western media are reporting the US elections compared to how their coverage of elections in non-Western countries, say of countries in Africa.

Here is a common snippet of how the media could have reported the elections if the US were a country in Africa.

“Supporters of the incumbent, Mr. Barack Obama, whose party has lost to the opposition, are in the streets, protesting outcome of the results. Some are rioting, breaking shops even taking whatever they can lay their eyes on.

Much as the incumbent and his-would-be-successor, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, have conceded defeat, the smoke and smell of burning tires in the streets of 'New York' have a different message for the president-elect and soon to be the US ruling party.

So far, there are calls that the Electoral College, which will officially nominate the president on 19 December, should disregard the outcome by choosing Clinton whose endorsement came from both Republican and Democrats’ bigwigs. 

But how far can the protesters stay in the streets as cold nights of winter are fast approaching? We don't have an answer to that yet. Only time will tell us of their resilience.

Meanwhile, a majority of the mainstream media continue to demonise the president elect.  "The one scenario that could still get Hillary into the White House" reads the headline in the New York Post, detailing how a Trump victory could still be nullified despite President Obama setting on the ignition of transition of power which started with the meeting the two had on Thursday at the White House. 

'Not my president'
Over 2 million people have signed a petition backing the proposal outlined by the NY Post. The figure will sharply increase by the time the Electors meet in about 4 weeks time, a reminiscent of dissatisfied British citizens calling for a second #Brexit referendum because those backing the UK to leave the EU won the June referendum. So far, more than 80 MPs are plotting to stage a Parliamentary coup to stop Brexit. 

As for Trump in the US, it is therefore clear that should he survive the protest considering increasing calls for his assassination from several members of the opposition who talked to us strictly on condition of anonymity, he has a mountain to climb. As for the Democrats and those protesting, it is going to be a very long 4 year period...”

MwanaMwa's Take: So, the West and African countries are not different from each other after all. All our democracies are immature unless the dice spins in our favour. Personally, I cannot wait to see how everything pans out between now and 20 January as to who will be officially crowned the US president. Viva Democracy!

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